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Blended Bourbon

Blended Bourbon

Blended Bourbon

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An artisanal marriage of tradition and delight, Blended Bourbon embraces you with warmth and depth.

Robin van der Bij

Master Distiller

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Hooghoudt Blended Bourbon

A slightly naughty drink in which characteristic sweet Bourbon undertones of honey and caramel are combined with lots of fruit. A lively three-year-old blend in which the wood-aged richness is enhanced with honey, supplemented with distilled Spanish orange, juniper berry and fresh mint. A charismatic drink that pushes the boundaries of wood-aged Blends and makes them ready for the demanding tastes of the 21st century in one fell swoop.

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What am I tasting?

The aging on ex-Bourbon casks provides a full rich, almost sultry nose. Round and soft, accessible yet powerful. Notes of honey and caramel give this genever a sweet character, with the scent of vanilla from the wood perfectly balanced by the fruity scents of orange and apple. The juniper berry supplemented with a subtle fresh minty nose completes and balances the palette.

  • juniper berries

    juniper berries

    The juniper berry provides the characteristic taste of jenever: fresh bitter, slightly spicy. In collaboration with the Drentse Jeneverbesgilde, we pick these ourselves every year on the Drentse heath.

  • Orange


    Oranges are juicy citrus fruits with a sweet and refreshing taste. They are among the most popular and versatile fruits in the world.

  • Honey


    Honey is a naturally sweet product produced by honeybees from the nectar of flowers. It has a delicious sweet taste and a viscous texture.

  • Munt


    Mint is an aromatic herbal plant known for its refreshing and spicy taste. It has green leaves and is often used in both culinary and medicinal applications.

  • vanilla


    Vanilla, the refined and sensual flavor obtained from the exotic vanilla orchid, adds an irresistible, luxurious taste.


The process

Craft, history and stories come together in our distilling process. Find out below. Cheers!


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What others ask us

Unfortunately we do not currently provide tours of our distillery. You can now visit the 'Oude Remise' cooperative de Graanrepubliek in Bad Nieuweschans for a guided tour or cocktail workshop. Book your experience via

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A juniper is an evergreen shrub that belongs to the cypress family. It is a common plant in Europe, Asia and North America. The berries of the juniper are used to make jenever and gin, and have a characteristic taste and smell. They are also used as a seasoning in cooking.

Jenever is actually the predecessor of the gin style that we now all know as the London Dry Gin. Jenever and gin are both distilled alcoholic beverages with juniper berries as the main flavouring. The difference is in the production method and flavor profile. Jenever is made by distilling malt wine with juniper berries, while gin is made by flavoring neutral alcohol with botanicals. Jenever is often maltier and softer, while gin can have more varied flavours.

Each Hooghoudt spirit contains a unique selection of the finest regional herbs from the Hooghoudtherb garden on the Ewsum estate. Classic monastery herbs such as nettle leaf, blessed thistle herb and orange peel bitter give our gins a fine, soft taste. In addition, spice supplier Jacob Hooy supplies the best natural herbs to complement our regional herbs.