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Renewed bottle of Herbal Bitters

Hooghoudt storms terraces with herbal bitters: Kalmoes Beerenburg Groningen Tastemakers make jenever attractive to the young generation Groningen, April 13, 2017 ? Hooghoudt would Hooghoudt not be without adventure. After all, the products of the Groningen jenever distillery owe their extraordinary taste to this. Take Kalmoes Beerenburg, for example, with its own signature of soft calamus root. The Tastemakers of Hooghoudt - a team of top bartenders - developed an easy-to-drink cocktail for the terrace with this drink: the Dutch Storm, with a spicy twist. With this, the season of ?drinking the new jenever? kicked off.
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Kruidenbitter Beerenburg, the quality jenever with powerful herbs, has been the drink for tough adventurers since the seventeenth century. At family distillery Hooghoudt likes to experiment with capturing smells, colors and flavors in alcohol. Hero Jan Hooghoudt, the third generation, has given Beerenburg its own signature since the XNUMXs. With success: a suitable herbal bitter was created for every moment. You can drink Kalmoes Beerenburg on the terrace from this summer. So speaks Hooghoudt not only adventurers, but also the trendy cocktail drinker with jenever.

The calamus root gives a refined softness to the character of this herbal bitter. A softness that is the signature of Hooghoudt is. Hooghoudt is the first distillery to infuse this plant, with very soft roots, into jenever and make it available to enthusiasts. The Kalmus root is also used for culinary applications and has medicinal properties in various cultures.

Dutch storm cocktail
The Tastemakers of Hooghoudt have developed an ultimate combination for an extraordinary moment of enjoyment on the terrace. The Dutch storm cocktails spicy en herbal. An interaction between the complexity of 77 herbs in Kalmoes Beerenburg and a spicy edge of ginger beer, garnished with a wedge of lime. Due to the soft taste Kalmoes Beerenburg is also suitable for serving neat.

Extraordinary drink, new bottle
At Hooghoudt constant innovation is of paramount importance. Not only in taste, but also in presentation. That is why the herbal bitters of Hooghoudt received a new, sturdy bottle that fits their spicy and intense character: a bottle that stands. In cafes, at home on the table with enthusiasts in Groningen, in the rest of the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world.

About the herbal bitters

Calmus Beerenburg
Kalmoes Beerenburg is a powerful bitter, made with no less than 77 herbs and the finest gin from the family distillery. The taste is soft and pure due to the character of the calamus root. This discovery of Hero Jan Hooghoudt is his idiosyncratic variation on the original Beerenburg recipe. Due to the soft taste Kalmoes Beerenburg is very suitable for pure enjoyment.

Authentic Beerenburg
Authentic Beerenburg is closest to the recipe of the very first Beerenburg. A strong bitter with 74 herbs, drawn on Hooghoudts best gin. Rich and pure in taste. That makes the Authentic Beerenburg ideal for mixing with soft drinks such as cola and orange juice.

Soft bitter Herbs & Honey
Soft bitter Herbs & Honey is a full, spicy bitter with 53 herbs, also drawn on Hooghoudts best gin. This liqueur among the bitters has a honey-soft taste and is therefore very accessible. Heather honey is used in the recipe. Very suitable in or next to hot drinks such as coffee and chocolate milk.